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Due to the General European Data Protection Regulation, 25th May, 2018, coming into force, in compliance with this obligation below we provide you with detailed information regarding the HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L. privacy policy and how your personal data is processed:


We inform users of that HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L. with an address at Carretera C-14 KM 140, 500, 25790 Oliana,​, is the entity responsible for processing personal data that, in accordance with its data protection policy, the privacy and confidentiality of personal data, users provide freely and voluntarily.

HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L. states that it keeps specified personal data in the entity’s records of processing activities called Web User Management.


HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L. processes the personal data previously provided by you in order to receive information about the activities and services carried out by the entity, of an identical or similar nature to those in which you have shown interest or in which you have previously participated. The legal basis for processing your data is the consent granted by you when completing the on-line form and expressly accepting this.


Your data is processed for the exclusive purposes of being able to fulfil your request for information and, if you expressly accept, to be able to send you information about the companies/entities that form part of HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L..

The recipients of the data are all the departments, compartments, premises and associated entities within which HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L. is organized and the data shall not be transferred to any third party, except in cases where there is an obligation under criminal justice.

Consequently, by granting authorisation HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L. is empowered to use these data in all departments in which it is organised. Refusal to provide the requested data shall make it impossible to fulfil a request for information and/or receive information based on prior acceptance.

Fields in the on-line form marked with an asterisk have to be completed in order to fulfil the request for information and/or receive information.

The website has adopted the necessary technical and organisational measures, according to the level of security and data protection legally required of it, to guarantee security when processing the personal data contained in the automated file. Nevertheless, the user should be aware that current Internet security measures are not impregnable and, consequently, not safe from possible undue illegal interference, for which HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L. would not be liable, having acted with due diligence to protect the data as determined by law.

The website uses cookies or other similar procedures for purely statistical purposes in order to offer the user a better browsing experience and service. When browsing or using our services, the user accepts the use that HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L. makes of these cookies.

These data are collected automatically and anonymously, making it impossible to identify any user individually. Users can prevent cookies from being installed by using the options that all browsers make available to them. Users who wish to disable cookies are advised to consult the help systems of the browsers that they use.

The website shall do everything possible to keep your your data up to date. Nonetheless, it is the owner of the data who is ultimately responsible for the quality of the data, consequently, any change to the website user’s data should be reported to the Data Controller, who declines any responsibility if not notified of the changes by the user.


In any case, you have the right to obtain confirmation as to whether HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L. is processing your personal data, therefore, you have the right to access, rectify inaccurate data or request their deletion when they are no longer necessary.

You can contact us via the email address Should you consider that any of your rights have not been respected, you can file a claim with the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

The services provided by this website and the website’s terms of use are governed by Spanish Law. For any discrepancy in the execution, interpretation or compliance with these terms, parties shall accept the jurisdiction of the competent Courts and Tribunals. 


HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L. is a trademark registered in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, with the number __________, consequently it is expressly prohibited for third parties to make use of this trademark or of any other similar identifying sign which might lead to confusion over their source or ownership without prior written authorisation from HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L.. is a domain name registered by HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L.. To ensure no confusion is caused among our clients or discredit to HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L., the HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L. domain name may not be used, except with express prior authorisation, in connection with services other than those of HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L..

The entirety of this website: description and features, text, images, trademarks, logos, buttons, program files and colour combinations, as well as the structure, selection, layout and presentation of content is protected by Spanish and international intellectual and industrial property laws.

Under no circumstances shall access to this website any kind of total or partial waiver, transmission or assignment of the rights provided under Spanish and international intellectual and industrial property laws.

Reproduction (except temporary download from the website to the hard disc on the user’s computer or proxy servers), copying, use, distribution, reuse, sale, backup copies, mailing, transmission, modification, transfer or any other action involving all or part of the information contained on this website and not expressly authorised by the owner is prohibited.

The user agrees to use the content diligently, correctly and lawfully and, in particular, agrees not to remove, alter or tamper with the copyright or other data identifying the rights of HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L. or those of other owners of proprietary content, this also includes any technical protection devices or any information mechanism which might be included in the content. Likewise, the user shall not use the content or, in particular, information of any kind obtained through the website to send publicity, communications for commercial purposes, unsolicited bulk emails whatever their purpose, and refrain from commercialising or divulging the said information in any manner or form.




The content of this website is of a general nature, with the sole purpose of providing information about our services and our business activities.

HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L. shall not be held liable for any decision taken by the user of the website based on the information that it contains, especially regarding any technical features of communication lines, whether on-site or external.

HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L. shall not be held liable for any information not produced by HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L. or published without authorisation under its name, as with any liability arising from improper use of the content, and it reserves the right to update, delete, limit or restrict access to the said content, temporarily or permanently.


The links included on are merely for informational purposes, therefore HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L. cannot control or verify any information, content, products or services provided through these websites. Accordingly, HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L. shall not be held liable for any aspect, especially content, related of these websites.


The following stipulations shall be taken into account with regard to links established by other pages to this site, as well as if any user, entity or web page wishes to establish any type of link to the HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L. website:

Express permission shall have to be sought and granted before any link can be established. The link may only be made to this website’s homepage.

Links leading to this website shall be a full, absolute URL, i.e., they shall direct the user to the HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L. web address and show the whole homepage screen. Under no circumstances, except with the express written permission of HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L., shall the page used to make the link display the HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L. website or include it as part of its own website, within one of its frames or create a browser window over any of the web pages. No erroneous or incorrect statements shall be made about the HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L. website. Written authorisation shall be necessary before including a distinctive sign, such as trademarks, logos or names, associated with HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L..

The owner of the page that offers the link shall act in good faith, without any intention to harm the reputation or good name of HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L..

Unless expressly authorised by HOTEL CAL PETIT SL, no text elements of the trademark or logo, domain name or business name of HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L. may be used as metatags or metanames for website searches made through search engines.

HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L.  assumes no liability whatsoever for any aspect related to the web page that offers the link. The link on the third party’s web page shall not imply the existence of any kind of relationship, collaboration or dependence between the HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L. And the owner of the said web page. 


HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L. does not guarantee the continuous operation of the website or availability at all times. HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L. shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages, including damage to computer systems and/or infection from viruses present on the network, that might arise from the Internet browsing necessary to use this website.


The user shall be liable for any damages that HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L. might suffer as a result of breaching any of the obligations established in this legal disclaimer.

With regard to browsing, the user shall diligently and faithfully observe any recommendations that HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L. may make at any time concerning the use of the website. Accordingly, HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L. shall contact users by any means of communication available on the website.


HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L. shall be entitled to change the terms and conditions established herein unilaterally, in part or in whole. Any changes made shall appear in the same form in which they are found in this legal disclaimer.

The validity period of this legal disclaimer coincides, therefore, with the duration that it is displayed, up until such time as it may be changed in whole or in part by HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L..

HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L.  may unilaterally terminate, suspend or interrupt the operation of this website, without the user having no right to claim any damages whatsoever. Following said termination, the user shall destroy any information about HOTEL CAL PETIT S.L.  that they may possess in any format and which they have obtained through the website or through individual communications made with the user.


For any dispute related to these terms of service, the parties expressly agree to submit to the courts of Lleida (Spain) and the corresponding Spanish legislation.

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